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Meet the Team

Our team consists of dedicated individuals who are kind, friendly, and caring.  We are here to ensure a pleasant experience during your visit to our office.  The first person to great you when you arrive is Cathi.  She has been developing relationships and answering questions in this practice for over 20 years. Our hygienist, Jane, has been with the practice for over 15 years.  She is friendly, experienced, thorough, and caring–a great combination!

There’s no paper sheet or fancy electronic sign in machine when you walk in Dr. David Flack’s dental office. There’s no need for one because Cathi King knows your name.

“This is a small practice and I treat our patients like family,” said King, a long-time dental professional with experience in just about every role. From chair-side dental assistant to oral surgery assistant, practice management, and endodontics, Cathi has done it all. It’s why when she answers the phone (yes, she personally answers every call that comes in … no recordings here!) she can help with appointments, insurance issues, fees, and patient care.

She can also help you with your horticultural needs! Cathi, in her spare time, has an extensive organic garden with veggies galore including unique varietals like Peruvian Pink Banana Squash. She also keeps bees, swims on a swim team, and spends time with her three grandchildren, who call her “Mina.” Cathi also speaks fluent Spanish having grown up all over the world including in Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, and the Far East.

Recently, she has seen a lot of patients who’ve experienced the downside of impersonal, corporate dentistry. At Flack Family Dentistry there’s no assembly line of patients being shuffled in an out.  There’s Cathi, David, Chelsea, and Jane … and you!


Jane Allen works hard and plays hard. When she’s not in the office, Flack Family Dentistry’s resident hygienist can be found hiking, skiing, golfing, or 4-wheeling in our beautiful state, where she’s lived for three decades.

Originally from Texas, Allen has worked in the dental industry since high school. She then pursued her bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene at Baylor College in Texas and made her way to Colorado.

“Jane is an exceptional hygienist,” said Dr. Flack. “She’s thorough and so personable and she really completes the team.”

Personable and an admitted perfectionist, Allen enjoys celebrating her patients’ success and works to make sure that their time in the chair is painless. And because she’s been at the Littleton office location for some time, she’s had an opportunity to get to know her patients and their families.

“Sharing a few laughs also makes my day rewarding,” said Allen who has great respect for Dr. Flack’s conservative approach to diagnosis and treatments.

“He makes people feel comfortable with his caring manner,” said Allen.

Chelsea Martin loves two things: baking and working out. “I work out so I can bake more sweets,” said Martin, the Flack Family Dentistry Dental Assistant. Martin is no amateur when it comes to the gym. She’s completed three full triathlons and several half marathons. Next up: another triathlon in 2019!

But when she’s not whipping up a delectable dessert, the certified and highly experienced Colorado native can be found preparing instruments, assisting Dr. Flack. Most importantly, Chelsea helps keep patients calm and relaxed. “Chelsea reads the patient, which is an incredibly difficult skill to master,” said Dr. Flack. “She’s reliable and smart.” 

Chelsea came to Dr. Flack’s office from a much larger practice so she can attest to the importance of their small, tight-knit dental family.  “Everything runs smoothly when you have a team that works so well together,” said Martin. “And Dr. Flack is very calm and caring.”

With 14 years under her belt, Chelsea is experienced and yet, she still prides herself on making sure every patient feels comfortable in the chair.

“I love getting to know our patients and I just love working here.”

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